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Robert Damelio is a consultant and bestselling author.  Formerly President of THE BOTTOM LINE GROUP, he now is the founder of Paladin Continuous Improvement, LLC.

Mr. Damelio continuously seeks to distill, synthesize, and codify what he has learned from his 30 + years working with clients into actionable insight that others may apply and build upon.  A portion of this work appears as 7 principles and 29 guidelines to improve flow in knowledge work in his most recent bestseller, “The Basics of Process Mapping, 2nd edition.” See below.

Robert shares and helps others apply what he has learned by:

  • Coaching business leaders, improvement practitioners, and natural work groups.
  • Creating learn-by-doing activities and structuring developmental opportunities that reduce “time to competence” for individuals, and “time to results,” for organizations.
  • Writing books


Guiding Principles

  • Nothing worthwhile is easy.
  • Change is a constant.
  • There are always alternatives.
  • Talk is cheap, I am not.
  • It turns out that very often you do get what you pay for.
  • Making it through the day, and making a difference, are both choices.  I choose the latter.
  • Good intentions are useful and desirable, but sustainable results have a longer shelf-life.
  • Whenever you can, learn from the best; whatever you do, learn.
  • Every organization and person has untapped potential–and some realize it.
  • One person can make a difference.
  • Defy mediocrity.
  • Expect more, achieve more.
  • Principles, endure.
  • Values, matter.
  • Practices, evolve.
  • Do the right thing.
  • Think different.


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Organizational cartography
Rapid uptake; quick study leading to actionable insight
Develop skills in practitioners, leaders, or natural work groups
Diagnose barriers to flow in knowledge work
Develop custom learn-do assignments or materials
Apply proven principles and systematic problem-solving approaches



  • "I had the chance to work very closely with Robert Damelio while serving as the Director of Internal Review and Quality Improvement at the Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS). In this role I was tasked with helping an agency of over 12,000 employees implement Lean Six Sigma to improve operational efficiency. Mr Damelio was one of two consultants who helped develop a plan for the implementation, taught me the basic principles, led a pilot project and helped brief the DFAS leadership team on the merits of the approach. Our efforts were very successful, and he was engaged to help train the leadership team on how to identify such opportunities in their organizations and how to help direct Lean improvements. He was a tremendous resource for us and always brought a very common sense approach to any problem. I would highly recommend him for other Lean Management consulting opportunities."

    Jim Cornell
  • “Robert is an amazing professional. An expert in applying lean principles inside service organizations; Robert's technical expertise, integrity and drive toward results are unparalleled . Working along side Robert, we accomplished substantial cost savings in Business/Financial Management and Program Office Staffing --- while increasing the quality of our products! Robert's ability to coach a diverse set of functional leaders to achieve sustainable enterprise wide results is truly unheard of in DoD.”

    Pam Aroesty Ridgell (ODell)
  • “Robert has worked with me several times, first as a consultant to Square D. He provided training and facilitation services to us as we developed our Lean Six Sigma quality program. Robert and I also worked together at BearingPoint. He worked as a contractor to a Lean implementation project with a government agency.”

    William Englehaupt


I take pride in helping you make a measurable difference in your organization, one person, project, process, or value stream at a time.

Sensei on demand

"When the student is ready, the master will come"


Acquire, or strengthen skils and develop the expertise to Think Different

Design and develop performance-based documentation

Transform policies, procedures, guidelines, and statements of intent into clear, concise, and consistent models of job level performance


Learn where to look and what to watch for to make waste and barriers to flow visible. Quantify the customer and business impact of both on process or value stream performance. Design and deploy changes to organize around flow. Measure results to quantify extent to which customer impact and business performance improved.

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