Want to improve knowledge work?

During an upcoming ASQ Regional Quality Conference, I’ll be sharing 3 sets of “lessons learned” from my 30 plus years helping organizations improve knowledge work.   I’ll use a combination of live demonstration, presentation, and interactive discussion to share some insights from my work and observations with Fortune 500 firms.

I’ve been told by the Conference organizers that those who register for, and attend Track B of the Conference will also receive a copy of my bestselling book, The Basics of Process Mapping, 2nd Edition.

Don’t let the book title fool you. In addition to the “how-to” guidance on process mapping, I included information and examples that walk you through how a large DoD client organization reduced the lead time of a key acquisition process from 28 to 4 days!

Here’s how I’ve organized my presentation:

A. “Shared, mental-models” of work

  • What this phrase means,
  • Why it matters,
  • Lesson(s) learned
  • How you can “know a good one when you see one”

B. Measures & measurement practices

  • Lesson(s) learned
  • Measures related to value, waste, flow, quality, and productivity
  • Why these measures matter

C. “Barriers to flow”

  • What this phrase means
  • Why it matters
  • “Lessons Learned:  “Where to look” and “what to watch for

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