Want to improve knowledge work?

During an upcoming ASQ Regional Quality Conference, I’ll be sharing 3 sets of “lessons learned” from my 30 plus years helping organizations improve knowledge work.   I’ll use a combination of live demonstration, presentation, and interactive discussion to share some insights from my work and observations with Fortune 500 firms. I’ve been told by the […]

“Analytical” vs. “Synthetic” thinking

Here, Dr. Ackoff: distinguishes between gaining knowledge vs. understanding compares and contrasts 3 steps of “synthetic thinking” with “analytical thinking” (analysis) states that an “essential property of a system is that it cannot be divided into independent parts” A key takeaway is that a system is not (equal to) the sum of its parts, but […]

Interactions among components determine the performance of a system

Some of the tasty “food for thought” nuggets in this Ackoff video segment: Focus on the whole Only improve a part if it improves the whole Fundamental lesson (to be learned) is to understand how the parts interact; not on how each part acts separately The place to attack a problem is not necessarily where […]

How Can We Learn New Ways of Thinking?

“Explain it to my like I was a 6 year old, okay?” might work for Denzel Washington and Tom Hanks. But not for Einstein who (according to Russell Ackoff in the video below) is quoted as saying, “You can’t solve the problems created by our current pattern of thought by our current pattern of thought.” […]

How would you rate your mapping expertise?

For the high achievers out there, I’ve come up with this mapping expertise hierarchy: Map Maven Proficient in several forms of organizational and work cartography. Selects and matches form to work feature(s) or properties, relevant learning goal and important business goal. Mapping MacGyver Solves mapping challenges real time with only a pencil and an eraser, often in the […]

Advice from Joe Harless

Joe was instrumental to the success of what was then (1988) my newly formed company. It was a referral from Joe that helped me land my first client. I called Joe to thank him for the referral and I asked him if he had any advice for me. Immediately and without hesitation he said, “Yes, […]

“Are we on Information Overload?” from a post on Salon.com

Thomas Rogers interviews author David Weinberger on this question as well as David’s upcoming book, “Too Big to Know.” I am in the midst of exploring Google + today and I discovered the above tidbit courtesy of Felicia Day’s Google + post.  So thank her.  I just read stuff. I’ve read “Everything is Miscellaneous:  The […]

Lean Knowledge Work – Harvard Business Review Article

Here is a link to the HBR site where you can obtain the Lean Knowledge Work article from the October 2011 issue where it appeared. I’m working on an analysis of the article so that I may compare and contrast it to my own work.  I’m weird that way, as some of you may already […]