My Curated Mapping Library

If books were illegal, then I’d likely be considered a master-criminal.  At least they are aren’t fattening.

Many colleagues over the years have relied on my habit to stay current in my field.  I often get calls such as, “what can you tell me about ____?”  Chances are pretty good that I am able and willing to help them out.

Willingness to share knowledge with those who are interested in learning is a common trait among the experts with whom I’ve had the privilege of working.   I view this as one of the traits that describe who I am and what I do in my business.

In addition to the books I’ve written, I’ve added those I use and would recommend on process mapping, value stream mapping, and organizations as systems.

I’ve also assembled and included a number of books that cover a broader range of continuous improvement associated with “lean thinking” and the Toyota Production System (TPS).